Understanding & Appreciating The Amphibious Purpose

The green or spotted bullfrog is an amphibious creature. You could even say that the human diver is amphibious too. In years gone by, professional divers have been utilized for a number of essential and urgent tasks. Like rescuing people in distress at sea or in the middle of a lake. Or salvaging the contents of a sinking ship. Professional divers have also been used to do major cleanup operations of polluted dams, rivers and lakes.

amphibious dredger

Asking them to de-pollute the oceans would be asking too much for all reasons that are obvious and logical. And because the problem of polluted oceans is so complex and dire, not even an amphibious dredger would be enough. Just not practical. Fortunately, the dredger is more than adequate, effective and efficient to help all custodians clean their rivers, lakes and dams. While pumping out all polluting affluent, the dredger needs no human hands to operate it.

It will be controlled from dry land. The nuclear armed submarine of the great powers is a deadly amphibious vessel. Fortunately, there has been no need to use it just yet. The Olympic diver could also be classed as an amphibious vessel, not deadly but perhaps more as a creature of beauty. Speaking of beauty, there is nothing more beautiful than a pristine, crystal clear stream of water or lake.

So clear that you can actually see the salmon itching to bite. And no, the salmon is not an amphibious creature, although it does have the ability to leap and bound above the surface of the rough waters, so much so that it may as well be at the Olympics. Is the great hippo an amphibious creature? Or the deadly Nile crocodile? And are the waters in which they live polluted?

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